Hello, Momentum Dance Company! I am thrilled and honored to take on the role of the second artistic director of Momentum Dance Company. What a surreal moment! I will be following in Jacquelyn’s very elegant footsteps; and while I know I can never replace her, I am so looking forward to building on her creation and the accomplishments made during her invaluable tenure.   

It is my goal as artistic director to help the company produce high quality, beautiful ballet and dance shows.  With the help of the board and all our dancers, I plan to grow this company into a community that we are proud of and take ownership of. It is my goal to develop our dancers into thriving members of the dance community who will carry on the beautiful technique and performance qualities that Momentum has instilled in us all.

  Please know that I know that change is hard. And there absolutely will be changes in the coming season. But I will do my best to lead us through this uncharted territory as smoothly as possible with excellent communication, innovation and good old fashioned hard work. I am excited to hit the ground running as soon as it’s legal for us to do so (come on Texas heat-kill the virus!)   

I understand that some of you may have questions or anxieties about this season that promises to be very different than anything Momentum has experienced thus far. Please let me help reassure you! I look forward to addressing everything you can think of through email, or perhaps a Zoom meeting with anyone that is interested. For now, please email me your questions. If I get enough that I think you all will want to hear the answers in a real-time interactive environment, I’ll send out a Zoom link and we can all chat.   

I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces in classes and rehearsals so very soon. For now, continue to train as best you can with our live classes on Instagram. Thank you, Senior Company Members, for offering your talents to keep us all moving during this pandemic! And please supplement your at-home training with the many, many resources that the dance community at large is providing (many free-of-charge) via social media. If you need help finding classes to take at home, I have a plethora of great options that I will happily share. It is my sincerest hope that, come summertime, you all will be ready to audition for Nutcracker and get right down to business learning a completely new ballet.   

Send me all of your questions and I will happily talk with you!   Happy Dancing!  

Until we meet again, 

Lauren Howard-Celis Artistic Director of Momentum Dance Company